nothing can scare me after KatEvolved

26 Αύγ 2019
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except yasuo..
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  • I like how she draws Yozu as lux lol

    SevSevΠριν 8 ημέρες
  • did...did lilly just yayuz? Is lilly a chudat fan? Do I have to dislike the video?

    Gom JabbarGom JabbarΠριν 21 ημέρα
  • "how do you... how do you even... omg..." Yeah most of us aren't sure either.

    KatKatΠριν 29 ημέρες
  • 6:56 there is another wind wall in the league now, Samira W.

    Zakila ChauZakila ChauΠριν μήνα
  • Wow, Sykkuno's voice evolved.

    MijukainMijukainΠριν μήνα
  • Wait that talon was yamikaze (game 2)

    Jaekyung ShimJaekyung ShimΠριν μήνα
  • omg sykunno's voice here

    meooorwmeooorwΠριν μήνα
  • like you can actually see the difference on sykkuno's voice til now xDD

    B for BarbatosB for BarbatosΠριν 2 μήνες
  • cringe

    GaryGaryΠριν 2 μήνες
  • Yami best boy

    rinhornregenbogenbaby **rinhornregenbogenbaby **Πριν 2 μήνες
  • i dont wanna be mean but why does sykkuno's voice make me so uncomfortable

    HosheeHosheeΠριν 2 μήνες
  • She plays the intro 3:40 into the video haha

    Joshua ;-;Joshua ;-;Πριν 2 μήνες
  • sykkuno is literally an anime character

    itxkatrinaitxkatrinaΠριν 2 μήνες

    Radan Carl VincentRadan Carl VincentΠριν 3 μήνες

    SirlepepeSirlepepeΠριν 3 μήνες
  • Ngl, that akali was bad.

    Find out I’m NOT humanFind out I’m NOT humanΠριν 3 μήνες
  • Lily press y so you dont have to move your screen

    -PIXEL_FoX- gaming-PIXEL_FoX- gamingΠριν 3 μήνες
  • 4:56 nice hitbox

    Danny YuanDanny YuanΠριν 4 μήνες
  • if u think you're funny, no you're not.

    uros dzinuros dzinΠριν 4 μήνες
  • That akali is actually fuming

    HakuuHakuuΠριν 4 μήνες
  • lily vs katevolved and yami XDDDDD

    Hysteria.exeHysteria.exeΠριν 4 μήνες
  • I love lily being a beast

    Khant SittKhant SittΠριν 4 μήνες

    Alp KabanAlp KabanΠριν 4 μήνες
  • Ooof against Yamikaze mid gg

    Joshua KaiJoshua KaiΠριν 4 μήνες
  • first 2 people she was against mid being katevolved and then yamikaze. both challenger players and some of the legends of challenger mid na. kind of unlucky to be matched against them

    scorpiongamingscorpiongamingΠριν 4 μήνες
  • I like how lily gets to face two assassin mains; katevolve and yamikaze. Its like being taze by mykull everytime you get combo

    shin1300shin1300Πριν 5 μήνες
  • Sykkuno's voice somehow doesn't sound natural... no offense

    Kuuhaku CsKuuhaku CsΠριν 5 μήνες
  • The fact that I just realised that lily can beat yamikaze 😂

    Shafir FadhilShafir FadhilΠριν 5 μήνες
  • where is ankles info

    ShadoHuntrShadoHuntrΠριν 5 μήνες
  • First she meets katevolved then yamikaze you had a bad day.,.

    fishyfishyΠριν 5 μήνες
  • loss to KatEvolved is... uh, INEVITABLE!! >:D

    Nicollas de OliveiraNicollas de OliveiraΠριν 5 μήνες
  • Watching this after she won twitch rivals! Lily has improved so much!

    Gideon SimGideon SimΠριν 5 μήνες
  • lilly going "One more... OK one more again" reminds me of the league commercial

    Jesarux DramionJesarux DramionΠριν 6 μήνες
  • Indeed, NOTHING scared her more than this CONGRATS TWITCH RIVAL CHAMPION 2020

    The Great SupportThe Great SupportΠριν 7 μήνες
  • 2:00 Toast?

    Outside School LifeOutside School LifeΠριν 7 μήνες
  • Why thai girl is platinium?

    Mariano AressiMariano AressiΠριν 7 μήνες
  • she won kamikaze!!!!

    123 wholepear123 wholepearΠριν 7 μήνες

    Jubilee XJubilee XΠριν 7 μήνες
  • Yamikaze... And katevolved

    MagixMagixΠριν 8 μήνες
  • 7:34 Rare footage of Lily1 conversing with Lily2

    Zillamon AnimuZillamon AnimuΠριν 8 μήνες
  • who's here after lily won this year's twitch rivals muahahahaha

    Amy LiAmy LiΠριν 8 μήνες
  • Watching this after you just won Twitch Rivals really makes me smile.

    tiff Camerontiff CameronΠριν 8 μήνες
  • Congrats Lily for being the TR champion and the best mid laner alive c:

    Joshua PoonJoshua PoonΠριν 8 μήνες
  • What will my LoL experience be like as a person who has played solely and only DOTA?

    Sammo RossiSammo RossiΠριν 8 μήνες
  • is it possible to set up a streamer house vs streamer house?

    AntoninAntoninΠριν 8 μήνες
  • 5:08 Sounds like you missed on purpose so she would die and you get the kills XD.

    Matthew GMatthew GΠριν 8 μήνες
  • Song???

    Ryan E. LemonRyan E. LemonΠριν 8 μήνες
  • That tiny "oh my God" from Sykkuno at 5:00 hahaha

    Ender LPEnder LPΠριν 8 μήνες
  • KatEvolve and yamikase, F 😂😂

    Nicolás CeaNicolás CeaΠριν 8 μήνες
  • Yamikaze's Talon is also quite scary

    miguel_shibemiguel_shibeΠριν 8 μήνες
  • It's so fun watching Lily dying to Challenger one tricks

    Angelo BarquilloAngelo BarquilloΠριν 8 μήνες

    Panzer PandaPanzer PandaΠριν 8 μήνες
  • To be fair, KatEvolved things include instant transmission-ing into someone's face, killing them with the dash and then dashing out :')

    Ultima NightburnerUltima NightburnerΠριν 9 μήνες
  • Poor lily😭 vs Best Talen and Katarina

    Dark The Monarch SimpDark The Monarch SimpΠριν 9 μήνες
  • But instantly got better after vs katevolved.

    LamboKangLamboKangΠριν 9 μήνες
  • She is looking extra hot cuz of the hair.

    MayankMayankΠριν 9 μήνες
  • Gaaaaaaysuooooooo

    NøxturnNøxturnΠριν 9 μήνες
  • Soooo... lily has -Yasuphobia and Yasuphobic -KatEnvolvedphobia These are some dangerous thing for lily to had

    Húgo 0930Húgo 0930Πριν 9 μήνες
  • Oh my god lily beat yozu LMAO

    Chibi GaChibi GaΠριν 9 μήνες
  • If you listen carefully to Sykkuno's voice, you'll thought he is an anime boy xD its so cute >3

    Krystal LunaKrystal LunaΠριν 10 μήνες
  • Watching in december but this vid was on my birthday.

    JojoDromeJojoDromeΠριν 10 μήνες
  • 6:52 the exact reason why I always autoban yasuo in ranked. No amount of "gitgud" will beat a stupid skill that eats projectiles

    Yayo.chanYayo.chanΠριν 10 μήνες
  • unpopular opinion: sykkuno should stop moaning :)

    LordBuscheyLordBuscheyΠριν 10 μήνες
  • Umm, is sykunos voice normally like that?

    nightcoreizlifexddnightcoreizlifexddΠριν 10 μήνες
  • Can Lily use another character?

    Syndicate ZeroSyndicate ZeroΠριν 10 μήνες
  • **Meets KatEvolved* [Lily after this arc] Lily: "You dare challenge me you filthy casuals"

    HelioSukiHelioSukiΠριν 10 μήνες
  • 2:25 1080 snowboarding song!

    Marcelo ReisMarcelo ReisΠριν 11 μήνες
  • I swear KatEvolved is so hot, champ wise and look...

    DiePinkeBananeDiePinkeBananeΠριν 11 μήνες
  • I just realized round 4 lily was fighting toast

    Cryptic Unknown?Cryptic Unknown?Πριν 11 μήνες
  • You scared of albert?

    xero 9ravityxero 9ravityΠριν 11 μήνες
  • You also went against Yamikaze's talon

    Lanz AceLanz AceΠριν 11 μήνες
  • Sykkuno sounds like the creepy younger brother in SAO: Gungale Online

    Jesse KrongardJesse KrongardΠριν 11 μήνες
  • Re manca, solo jugando con lux. No tiene manos xd

    Lan Wanji `Lan Wanji `Πριν χρόνο
  • 0:43 As soon as i heard tfblade voice on her team i knew its gg, power of the strongest..💪

    Andre LohAndre LohΠριν χρόνο
  • why does sykkuno sounds like he's dying everytime he talks?

    Joel MonteiroJoel MonteiroΠριν χρόνο
    • 😂

      Jokey BoyJokey BoyΠριν 7 μήνες
  • literally can't watch lily's videos with sykkuno, like I really don't wanna be mean but I actually find myself unable to watch any of the recent league games because it's like he's constantly trying to force an anime role-play on everything and it's just so cringe

    Valoran’s ShieldValoran’s ShieldΠριν χρόνο

    BarrelMuffinBarrelMuffinΠριν χρόνο
  • The music at the start is so good! what's the name of it?

    BarrelMuffinBarrelMuffinΠριν χρόνο
  • 4:55 that hitbox

    DeanCodyDeanCodyΠριν χρόνο
  • Low key wanna marry sykunnos voice

    MidnightsMemesxMidnightsMemesxΠριν χρόνο
  • You gotta stop playing lux HAHAHAHAAH

    MacMacΠριν χρόνο
  • Don’t worry Lily, KatEvolved did it to me once. I actually got banned for him destroying me in lane and everyone thought I was inting :/

    ioioΠριν χρόνο
  • Shes y Using someone els vid look at the stats after the game and look at the Lux it’s not the same

    Duy anh LeDuy anh LeΠριν χρόνο
  • does literally no one get qss to counter her?

    MaikodeltaMaikodeltaΠριν χρόνο
  • My god i just hate sykkunos voice. So annoying.

    Jonas BrinkmannJonas BrinkmannΠριν χρόνο
  • Lily's editors have great taste in music :0

    RokatoRokatoΠριν χρόνο
  • 5:38 i dont know how many people are gonna get this reference but *AYYY*

    Mateo DettoreMateo DettoreΠριν χρόνο
  • Kirby air ride?! Jesus christ this takes me all the way back. XD

    Lunar SongLunar SongΠριν χρόνο
  • who is that fucking bellend talking at 4:38

    nonprofitpick10nonprofitpick10Πριν χρόνο
  • I was surprised when I saw a dead yas in the thumbnail but.... I can see right through your lies Lily

    Irene JiangIrene JiangΠριν χρόνο
  • Sorry but that guy's voice is soo.. cringe I would say.. It's too obvious that he acting and that pisses me off inside my soul, so uncomfortable to hear, sorry.. Just my opinion, of course

    Miotacki CheesersMiotacki CheesersΠριν χρόνο
  • You so cute :3 😙

    Bo Nè!!!Bo Nè!!!Πριν χρόνο
  • We need more lily&sykkuno content

    ToriToriΠριν χρόνο
  • Katevolved scared the hell out of me >:( my worse enemy!

    Gacha Go!Gacha Go!Πριν χρόνο
  • sykkuno is so pure

    phoenixphoenixΠριν χρόνο
  • Eh, Lux gets destroyed by Kat in general. I wouldn't feel bad about losing to one of the top Kat players as Lux.

    Mikhail K-PopperMikhail K-PopperΠριν χρόνο

    Jay RetuertasJay RetuertasΠριν χρόνο
  • Lily are you going to pax this year? But in Seattle?

    Aimee :DAimee :DΠριν χρόνο
  • Katevolved is my Kat main dreams

    PythonhierPythonhierΠριν χρόνο
  • Omg Sykkuno's voice is so cute and anime😍

    Dark FairyGRDark FairyGRΠριν χρόνο
    • Yikes

      Emil JEmil JΠριν χρόνο